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Watch this quick video and learn how easily time of use changes can greatly reduce your bill and increase your bottom line!
Did you know an average of 29% of your energy costs comes from lighting your business?

As a business, we realize your day-to-day operations take priority. Taking the time to consider your business’ energy usage and how it affects the bottom line for your company is something that often gets very little attention.


Solano Energy Watch wants to be your business partner to help keep an eye on the less conspicuos (but very real) cost of the energy needed to keep your business up and running. We are confident that by raising awareness, implementing some very simple tools, and taking advantage of available resources you can make a significant and positive change in our environment, our community, and your bottom line!


Here are just a few of the ways that SEW can help get your business on the road to contributing to a healthier environment AND a healthier balance sheet - all at no cost to you!

  • A roadmap for savings including: Bill analysis, rate review, evaluation of retrofit options, with cost and R.O.I. breakdown. Priorities for action with a focus on low or no-cost measures.


  • Help upgrading your lighting and optimizing your refrigeration with strip curtains, vending controls and motor tune-ups. Learn More


  • Help managing the implementation: We handle everything for you. Audit, Contractors, Rebates, Everything! Learn More


  • Satisfy a step in becoming a Solano County Certified Green Business and gain a marketing edge on your competition. Learn More


  • Confidential protection of your information.

Solano Energy Watch is a collaboration between the County of Solano, Solano Economic Development Corporation, and PacificGas and Electric Company. We provide No-Cost energy efficiency information and services to small and medium sized businesses of Solano County who are PG&E customers.

  • Turn off equipment when not in use

  • Set thermostate to 78 degrees during the summer

  • Close shades and blinds at night, during unoccupied times of day and weekends

  • Clean HVAC coils, replace air filters, check ducts and pipe insulation for damage on a regular basis

  • Clean dusty lamps every 6 to 12 months from improved lumen



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Solano Energy Watch is funded by California utility customers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.