Solano Energy Watch is a joint venture between the County of Solano, Solano Economic Development Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) designed to assist public agencies and private businesses with reducing greenhouse gas emissions while saving energy, water and money through energy efficiency.

Solano Energy Watch aims to:


  • Promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in local government operations. 

  • Promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the community primarily through programs targeting government facilities, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, residences, farms, and factories in Solano County. The agricultural, industrial, and school sectors will also be included as a secondary focus. 

  • Provide information on existing PG&E and other programs that promote or encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas reduction 

  • Support state and local laws, regulations, and policies to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Engage and coordinate local government officials, technical staff, and experts in demonstrating leadership in pursuit of energy efficiency. Creation of a culture among government agencies and the citizenry in general that encourages this as a sustained effort into the future. 

  • Encourage and facilitate development of Climate Action Plans and other documents that describe local government efforts for increasing energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and development of renewable sources of energy.


For more detailed information on the Energy Watch program, you can download the PG&E Energy Efficiency Portfolio (PDF, 731 pages, 7 MB) which includes short descriptions of the 23 other Energy Watch programs in California. In the full text document, the section on LGP starts on page 168. 

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Solano Energy Watch is funded by California utility customers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.